is gtx 650ti good or gtx 550ti for gaming??

is gtx 650 ti good for gaming i ahve screen 18.6inches LG.
i compared both GPU and found this see link:

i found that 550ti is good in pixel rate where as 650ti is good in texel rate
so which is better
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  1. Definitely get go for a 650 ti Boost It blows both of those out of the water.
  2. With that resolution, even the 560ti would be major overkill, it'll never run to it's full potential.

    What cpu do you have and what power supply?
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    To answer your question of those two GPUs, the GTX650 Ti will deliver around 40% higher framerates (which is the only thing you need to worry about - measures like texture fillrate are irrelevant to your gaming experience - they're a means to an ends, the ends being frames per second).
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