3D Gaming: ATI vs NVidia

So if I got it right:

NVidia: converts 2D games into 3D by creating 2x60Hz images that are registered by the 3d vision kit glasses and seen as 3D by your brain. For this, you do not need a 3D monitor, only a 120Hz.

ATI : basically/simply uses software to make your pc (and graphics card) able to use the 3D function of your monitor. (So NVidia GPUs won’t be able to create a 3D image from a 60hz 3D monitor, right?)

And doesn’t only ATI support 3D games? Are games even 3D or not 3D? (in other words, what’s the difference between ‘Ati’s 3d games and NVidia’s 3d games’)

Also, in the end, what do you pay for each (keeping in mind a 3D monitor costs 300+$ +software cost and the NVidia kit 130$) and how do they compare?
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  1. ATI can't use 3D from a 60Hz monitor either, not unless you use passive *shudder*.

    It's not even a question, Nvidia's 3D is better. It's not fanboyism its fact. With Nvidia you have community support to fix games in the form of the site Helix mods, and more of the games simply work as is with the Nvidia driver over the ATI one, and the FPS drop is significantly less.
  2. With nvidia you must buy an nvidia supported monitor and the 3d kit.. (200 usd) with amd you can use a passive or active 3d monirot, and use hd3d/tridef ( 50 usd BUT with an amd card installed, you get 50% off) I am using an asus 23" IPS passive 3d monitor and have the tridef software on my 5870s. 3d works great on every game I have played in 3d ( I own over 100 incl bf3, skyrim, portal 2, Cod 4 and BO, AC, prototype etc ) and they all run just fine. you will want to use the optimization in the tridef software unless you have a high end card as my poor 5870's get about 15 fps when maxed when not using the overdrive....and 75fps when using it ( no difference in picture that I can see )

    I can't comment more on nvidia due to not having one of their cards.. but hope this info on amd cards helps to show ppl more accurate info on how it works. Also tridef has a very large community in the event we are waiting for a profile for tridef, there is a community that m akes them as well
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