2nd SSD visible in Intel Rapid Storage Technology but NOT in Disk Management

I had a 750GB HDD and a small 24GB SSD.. All worked fine..
I replaced the HDD with a 256GB SSD, and installed Win 7/64bit on it.
In BIOS its set to AHCI mode..
The only problem I have is that the 24GB SSD is now not visible in Disk Management, although I can clearly see the status of the 24GB disk is Normal in Intel Rapid Storage Technology window, although i cannot seem to access this disk from anywhere..
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  1. Was the 24GB disk being used as an SSD cache disk for the 750GB? If so, I've seen this happen before. I had to use Parted Magic to erase and setup my SSD again so it could be seen by Windows. For some reason, setting up an SSD as a cache drive will prevent Windows from seeing it unless you disable disk caching in Intel SRT prior to setting up the disk again.
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