Which is best for a gaming computer ? i5 3570 or i5 3450?

That's the only question left, I already chose the gigabyte b75m and the 8gb corsair vegeance.

In my country there is a considered gap between 3570 and 3450 prices. Should I pay a little more to have 0.2 ghz ?

In my researches I read some people saying yes, because if you want a long time rig without overclocking youshould spend on the highest cpu clock possible. Some others just say its not worth the money because the difference can be only seen on benchmarms and I don't know what to do.

I just want to avoid bottlenecking of a high end vga, suck like the gtx titan and for it I realize its not neccessary overclock, will both i5 be just fine?

I need a clue, thanks people
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  1. What are the prices?
  2. Why not get the 3450K and clock it to whatever you like? It's only a $5 difference here between K and non-K version.
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    Get the 3570. It has better performance and dosent cost much more. However, if ur really on a tight budget i suggest the intel i5 3470 rather then the i5 3450 i think its the best value for money processor and im currently using it.
  4. I cant afford the ovetclockable motherboard, it's almoust the double b75m price. Prices are 3450 = 580$ / 3570 = 630$. I'm from brazil and things here are very expensive.
  5. You dont have to get an overclockable motherboard to overclock.
    Check the prices for 3470 and try out this motherboard its quite good
  6. Actually I meant 3470, ant not 3450. Sorry guys, the 3570 is 580$ antd not 3450. And the only b75m I found in thr store Im gonna buy is the gigabyte.
  7. Just get the 3470 im currently using it. Theres not much difference between the two so just get the cheaper oneently using it. The
  8. Well, as I have only a difference of 63$ from 3470 to 3570 I think for a longtime rig the 3570 is better. Anyway thanks for helping me to get to this answer. You rock guys ^^
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