Artifacts or texture corruption since I upgraded the cooler on my HD 6950

Yesterday I replaced my stock reference cooler on my MSI HD 6950. I did this for two reasons. First it was too loud while gaming and second I flashed it to 6970 and overclocked to 880/1375. It ran great like this with no issues.

I wanted to OC it further..... but first wanted to cool it better to keep the temps down.

So yesterday I added an ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme 7970. I also added a modified THERMALRIGHT TR-VRM-R4 VRM cooler, so that it would fit on my 6950.

To make sure it rn as cool as possible, I also added an extra 120mm fan to the side of the case and on the VRM cooler I added an 80mm fan. My case already had lots of cooling fans on it as it I know its not a case fan issue.

During the cooler install I made sure to add all the aluminum heat spreader dissipates and used Arctic 5 thermal paste when I screwed it together.

I should have tried playing online TERA first before tweaking the GPU but in haste, skipped that step.
I kicked my GPU up to 900/1400 and thought I would give it a test try on a game. I then jumped it to 950/1400 and then I started noticing a problem.

GPU-Z was showing that all my temps were about 32 degrees. That included the GPU and the cooling doesn't seem the problem.
When I started playing a online TERA....that is when I noticed something was wrong. I'm seeing seeing white squares flashing and "moving" rapidly around on my screen. Sometimes they don't appear at all and other times they get worse. They are not real bad..meaning it really doesn't take away form being able to play the game... but just enough that you notice them.

I read artifacts and texture corruption are very different things, but not sure what would be causing this

I dropped my GPU back down to 880/1375 but the problem remains to same.
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  1. gotta remember, it's NOT a 6970. and chances are you should have left well enough alone and may have turned the card into toast.

    can you reset the dual BIOS ? or reflash the card?
  2. My temps in gaming according to GPU-Z are only about 46 degrees on the GPU, 35 degrees on the VRM.

    GPU-Z temp #1, #2 and #3 are all showing between 42 and 50 I just don't think heat is the issue. Maybe the additional OC corrupted the card and I need to set it back for a re-do.

    Maybe I should flash it back to 6950 and start over again.
  3. I was a way a few days so I wanted to update this thread. It turns out that my modified VRM cooler was not making very good contact with the VRM on the graphics card itself. I still need a more permanent fix, but for now.... wedged a small wooden shim so that it presses tighter against the VRM and the problem is solved. I'm going to mount it better when I pull the card in a few days to upgrade my PSU and add a second 6950 for crossfire.

    So..heat is the culprit..even with an Arctic cooler 7950 3 fan system running.

    I had flashed the card back to to a 6950 when troubleshooting the problem...but put it back to the 6970 specs again once I figured out what the problem was. For now I'm running it at 880/1375 till I fix the VRM's cooler better.
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