If i have a 212 evo will i be able to overclock my 3570k to 4.4 without a problem?

I want to overclock my 1.5 3570k to 4.4ghz and my cpu cooler is 212 evo idk if that will be a good enough cooler
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  1. is there a reason you want 4.4? you will be able to run 4Ghz then keep moving up and see where it stabilizes at with a good voltage
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    There is never any guarantee that you will hit any given overclock with any given cooler. You may get lucky and have a chip that can do 5GHz on 212EVO or you can be unlucky and get a chip that won't do more than 4.2GHz even with custom water-cooling.

    Overclocking is always a gamble.
  3. ^^^ As said above ^^^

    HOWEVER. I would say you have a VERY good chance of getting 4.4GHz.
  4. I was able to get 4.2 GHz with a similar cooler and no boost to voltage, so I would assume that another 200 MHz would be fine. But as it's been said, every chip is different.
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