Graphics Card shipping issue?

Hello, I just purchased a HIS radeon 7770 HD 1gb from new egg. I placed 3 other orders and they have all been processed almost instantly.

However, this order is taking forever. Or at least much longer than normal. It is stuck on the "Order Verification" phrase.

This is the card:

Is it taking longer because it comes with a free game? (Far Cry 3)

Please help! What am I doing wrong?
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    You'd have to ask NewEgg why it's still being verified. The "verification" is simply a processing step on their end of things.Their site does not say the card is out of stock. They're probably just busy as all get out!

    With the GTX 770 coming out, and deals popping up on the AMD 7970 cards I'm betting NewEgg is taking a LOT of video card orders.

    You might check your bank account to make sure the payment was processed as that could hold things up if that failed for some reason or another.
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