Change HP pavilion g6 processor?

I'm just wondering can i change my proccessor in my laptop because it really piss me off i have hp pavillion g6 lm735ea with
Intel p6200
Ati hd6470m

My friend also have hp pavillion g6 with
intel i3
ati hd6470

i can play bf3 in 15-25 fps in well cooling 10-20 fps in normal cooling
but my friend have 30-40 fps even he can stream live video while he playing bf3 if i change my proccessor it will be fix?

And if i change my comprosser what would i buy?
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  1. there about multiple pavillion g6, which one it is exactly? And usually you can't change the processor.
  2. It's pavilion g6 lm735ea
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