gtx 650 ti boost vs gtx 660 vs hd 7850

Hey im planing to build a low budget gaming pc and that what i already decided to buy:
fx 6300
msi 970a-g43
and so on and i'm looking for the best graphicscard for my money. i can get:
gtx 650 ti boost 1 gb: 136€
gtx 650 ti boost 2gb : 150€
gtx 660 : 166€
hd 7850 1gb: 142€
hd 7850 2gb: 156€

i dont mind about amd or nvidia, neither about the games cause i dont get them at my shop and i know the gtx 660 will give the best performance but i just want the best performance for my money. and i would oc the 7850 since since its potenial is quite big

i'll play at 1920x1080, is it neccesary to get a 2 gb version.

thanks for the hel
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  1. Best performance: GTX 660.
    Best price/performance: GTX 650 Ti Boost.

    If you are playing at a single 1080p monitor, then 1GB VRAM is fine.
  2. i would get the 7850 2gb. in america they come with 4 free games and with perform the same as the 660 if not a little better
  3. The his 7850 2gb performs very similarly to the 650ti boost, costs the same, and comes with three free games.
    HIS 7850:
    cheapest 2gb 650 TI:
    IMO, the 7850 is best for the money.
  4. thanks, like i said ill get this cards at exactly the prices i wrote down and wont get the games since i live in austria (not the kangaroo one ;) ). so if id oc the 7850 id pass the gtx 650 ti boost easily since this one oc's better than the nvidias?
  5. The 7850 overclocks like a beast. I was able to push mine as far as msi afterburner would allow.
  6. from my experience amd overclocks really well. i have my 7950 overclocked to 7970 levels
  7. The HD 7850 overclocks better, but in terms of performance, it doesn't beat the GTX 650 Ti Boost by much with both at max overclock. The GTX 650 Ti Boost will still be the best price/performance card. And it is also a very good card to SLI because it scales amazingly well.
  8. thanks guys, i wont sli since my 2nd pcie x16 only has 4 lines and id need a more powerful psu.
    so ill decide whether i get the ti boost or the 7850 at the day i buy the components and how much they are on this day :)
  9. A GTX 660 with a free copy of Metro Last Light for only 10 Euros more should be your priority. The GTX 660 comes in at a healthy 10% more performance than the other two and allows you to enable GPU-accelerated PhysX. Since Metro Last Light is a PhysX game, you're guaranteed to use it.
  10. Yeah with out the free games just for for the cheaper one, and while I would the 1GB model will probably be fine for 90% of the gaming you do I would spend the extra cash and a 2Gig model if you plan to SLI/xfire (too lazy to look up your board for support) then the 2Gig will be a much better investment.
  11. guitargod213 said:
    from my experience amd overclocks really well. i have my 7950 overclocked to 7970 levels

    DUDE, we have the same MoBo.

    Internet Five!!!

    passmark shows the 7850 edging out 650 ti boost at stock. the 660 beats both. 7850 is 50 dollars cheaper than a 660

    the 660 and 7850 will play all games at high/ultra comfortably

    650 boost high

    regardless all 3 are high endish cards, unless you are an extremist and only a 7970 or titan will suffice

    my opinion, go 7850 and oc it out the tower
  13. Interesting chart there, vrgadin.

    It only shows results for something called "Passmark", which shows the performance of the GTX 670 scoring 300 points more than the GTX 690. Would you say that is a good basis for putting forth as the main evidence for a recommendation?
  14. youv never heard of passmark? just tryin to help out
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