Am i the Administrator or not?

hey guys,
I recently installed win 8 on my new pc and i'm having troubles with my Steelseries driver. i asked their support and i received a reply with a few solutions, but basically they said to run it as an administrator. they also said that in the following screen all the access should be under full control. as you can see- not everything is under full control

but if i check my user under the control panel- you can see that i'm the administrator

so, is it ok? Am i the Administrator or not? why everything is not listed under full control?
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  1. right click > run as > administrator
  2. Just like in Windows 7 UAC is turned on by default. With UAC (User Access Control) you do not have admin privileges until you request them. This is to prevent viruses and hackers from having to much control if you computer or account is compromised.

    Like the previous poster responded Right Click - Run As Administrator.
  3. ok. thanks guys
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