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I wanted to re-install over the top to freshen up my Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit installation. I must have selected the wrong method, as now I have brand new windows 7 installation on the C: drive. This is not good. I now have no programs (like paid for games through STEAM, or paid for photograph software). The windows.old folder which is empty??? and a windows.old.000 folder, that fortunately has my previous photos doc and music. (I have copied off to the F: drive). Majority of my programs under the previous windows 7 OS were installed onto the F: drive. There is only 6GB of space left on my C: drive now. and the windows.old.000 folder is much larger than that 6GB. What can I do? Idont know what to do - I am a PC and server support technician for 25 years but this windows 7 reinstall has really stumped me.

Many thnaks, Sarah
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  1. Installing over is never a good option, as it deletes all the registry entries needed by programs, etc. Steam games will redownload after you login to your account automatically so they are not lost at all.

    whatever paid software you bought online, you should have an email with the serial number to reinstall with and not loose that either.

    Now to get your space back, I would reinstall agian and format your drive this time, making sure you backed up all your stuff first.
  2. Many thanks getochkn.
    Just going through the reinstall of Windows 7. Its telling me to install on F: (I'd rather not!) as there isn't enough space on C: I thought these O/S installs would repartition and format on the fly on the install. Windows 7 must be a lot different. I dont think I can repartition C: if C: is its _current_ O/S location. Off to research...
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