Which is better, Intel HD 4000, or Nvidia GT 525M?

The better, laptop has the Nvidia, while the other has the Intel, is it worth the $100 for the Laptop with the Nvidia?
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  1. is that the ONLY difference between the two?
  2. daswilhelm said:
    is that the ONLY difference between the two?

    No, the better one has 6GB of ram and an i5 instead of i3, but i am focused on the graphics card performance
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    Somewhat confusing?
    The "better" laptop is an I5-???? with Both iGPU HD4000 + dGPU 525M.
    which is $100 More than the i3-???? with Just a iGPU HD 4000

    Yes the $100 is worth it.
    15>i3 and for Gaming, see
    HD4000 =
    525M =

    Both are a Class 3 with the 525 closer to mid of class 3 while HD4000 is close to the Bottom of Class 3
    If you scroll down you will see the FPS you can expect for various games.
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