Problem Getting my new build to POST.

Everytime I try to boot my new build consisting of: Corsair HX750 psu
GTX 780
Intel i5 3750k
8Gb memory
Noctua nh-d14
Gigabyte: ga 277x ud3h mobo. Everything turns on momentarily (case fans, video card,) The Noctua does not start spinning at all. And after that moment of power the psu makes a click sound and it shuts off. I DO NOT have to unplug the psu to try turning it on again and this psu was working in my old build (which I was using last week) so I do not think it is dead. Please give me an idea where to go. Also a question about the Noctua: the power cables for the fans on it themselves are 3 pin cables on the mobo the cpu fan power is 4 pin, should I be using left or right 3 pins or will it not work all together?
Thanks in advance
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  1. with the notched bit at the back of the fan header the left pin should be empty

    ie pin 4 if you can see 1234 written on the fan header
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