Problem with ram and cpu overclocking

Hello, I'm having issues getting my ram up to its "factory" speed (8gb corsair vengence 2133) and like I've read on some other threads my mobo sets it up at 1333 :/ The problem is, when I change it to 2133 the overclock fails on restart. it doesnt matter whether my cpu is overclocked or set to factory defaults, it seems to only be an issue with the ram. What am i missing here??

amd fx4300 @ 4.5Ghz (well not anymore at the moment till I can figure this out..)
asus M5a99 fx pro mobo
8 gb corsair vengence red @2133mhz >:(
asus amd 7870
zalman cnps10x performa cpu cooler
antec high current gamer 80+bronze 620 watt power supply
antec p180 full tower case
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  1. Have you set the timings right? You will probably have to set them something like 10, 11, 10, 32.
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    Tried to set the timing to 11-11-11-27?
  3. On my 990FX Sabertooth I had to disable ECC to bring my RAM up to 1600. Try setting the timings manually to what they are registered for, and disable ECC.
  4. Madn3ss795 said:
    Tred to set the timing to 11-11-11-27?

    Or this. I should really have googled the product... :pfff:
  5. Cool thanks guys, I hadn't set the timings right. All is well again until next time I screw something up :p
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