How much performance did I lose with Sandy Bridge being changed from Z68 to Z77?

I originally had a Gigabyte Z68 mobo in my system with a GTX 570. The Z68 mobo failed after a few months and tortured my 2600K until I got the mobo swapped for a AsRock Z77 Extreme 4. I heard rumors of how P67 and Z68 are the type of chipset I need in my system. About 1 month later I bought a Gigabyte Windforce 3X GTX 670 OC, which I spent $469 for (I wish I waited, but I couldn't resist to leave my integrated graphics.I "love" how its only 374 on newegg)
So guys, the main point is, did I lose performance when I upgraded my mobo? Or if I stayed on Z68 and bought the 670 would there not be a difference?
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  1. No performance loss
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    Z77 is the updated chipset for sandy/ivy you lost nothing in the exchange and may have gained features. I currently use a p67 with an Ivy CPU and it works fine that way too.
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