My first Gaming + Home PC Build --- Need advice..

I have to build a Gaming + Home PC for me and members of my family............
Here are the components I selected :
Here are the Pre-Decided specs, till another new technology comes out.
Processor : AMD FX 8320 Piledriver Eight Core Processor : 3.5GHz Base Clock Speed : Rs.10,326 (NO OFFER / NO DISCOUNT -- Actual Price Tag => Rs.10,326)
Motherboard : ASUS M5A78L-M/U3 Motherboard : Rs.4,346 (NO OFFER / NO DISCOUNT -- Actual Price Tag => Rs.4,346)
RAM : Kingston HyperX Blu DDR3 4 GB PC RAM Dual Memory Channel : 1600MHz RAM Clock : Rs.2,200 (20% Offer -- Actual Price Tag => Rs.2,750)
Graphics Card : ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card : Rs.13,500 (25% Offer -- Actual Price Tag => Rs.18,000
Power Supply : Cooler Master Thunder 450W 450 Watts PSU : Rs.2,740 (17% Offer -- Actual Price Tag => Rs.3,299)

Grand Total : Rs.33,112 (Including all Taxes + Shipping Costs)

All Prices from

Monitor Resolution : 1024 by 768.
I already have the Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Cabinet, and other things.

Is this a Good Desktop PC ?
Can I max out any of the modern Games ?

(Will be building this PC in July 2014) (Till then I am saving money).

Any Help would be appreciated.
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  1. Wait until June 2014 and ask again. Something new may come out by then and be better for the same price.
    Processor and GPU seem unmatched.
    PSU .. SeaSonic USA
  2. But I do not expect something new to come out in 2014 because :
    1) Intel just released their 4th Generation Intel Core Processors powered by Haswell Micro architecture.
    2) Intel is expected to launch their 5th Generation Intel Core Processors powered by Broadwell Micro architecture by mid-2015.
    3) AMD is releasing their most powerful desktop CPU ,FX - 9xxx which is not at all affordable by me.
    4) From year 2013 to 2015, AMD will be releasing their 14nm Kabini APU's.

    Hence from the above conditions, it is not expected by Intel and AMD to release any new and powerful Desktop Processor by then.
  3. You can refer to the till 2016 Road map of all Intel and AMD Processors here @ :
  4. If you're only using 1024X768 I say drop down to a cheaper GPU and increase RAM to 8GB. But if you want to keep that graphics card I recommend getting at least a 550W PSU because you will undoubtedly end up replacing it in the future because it's not powerful enough. You should be able to play games on high/ultra because of the low monitor resolution.

    Also if you can afford it throw in like a 32GB SSD to drop the operating system on.
  5. I want to see what Kaveri can do. What will Kaveri Dual Graphics with?
  6. OK your doing a amd system why not choose a amd card say a 7950 ok your power supply which I have never heard of could be replaced by another vender with better quality don't skimp out on the PS ANTEC CORSAIR SEASONIC ECT MAKE GOOD PSU to name a few and I would at least run a 500 watt PS WITH that build no matter you choose NVidia or amd gpu
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