Pc shutting off by itself

Recently i replaced the hard disk, but the operating system was backup-ed.
and without any reason the computer keeps shutting off.
could anyone please suggest what is happening. and how can i get this sorted. the management console also has stopped working. i am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.
any help will be appreciated

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  1. List your materials. Mobo, CPU, PSU, GPU, RAM, HDD, SDD... Be as specific as possible with each of them. Signify whether you've overclocked them. Describe more accurately the actual problem you're having. Is it complete power loss and an instant black screen? Are there errors? Is it going through the shut down process?
  2. Motherboard Asus K8V-MX, FSB800 dram, vga integrated, pci , agp 8x, realtek 10/100 lan q-fan technology, crashFree bios2, 8 gb ram
    1 tb internal harddrive(new)
    1 tb external hd seagate (this also disconnects by itself after sometime then i have to reboot the disk to access data )
    windows 7 64 bit
    AMD FX-4100 quad core processor.
    it has not been overclocked. there is a fan for the processor and another separate fan all in working condition

    the problem is it shuts down completely power loss without any reason. Also the management console has stopped working.
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