PSU for GTX 650 ti boost 2 GB

Hello guys..
My brother is buying a gtx 650 ti boost 2GB for his pc and he wanted to know that which power suply is best for this.. in our country there is a big problem of electricity so we need a good one that will not burn when electricity comes and goes..
pc specs are
AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.3
6GB 800bus Ram
2TB hard
and another question which of gtx 650 supports SLI?
Thanks in advance and sorry for English...!!!!
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  1. I'd recommend something built by Seasonic or XFX, or the PC Power & Cooling Silencer and Silencer MkIII series. You'll be fine with 450 watts and one 6-pin PCI-E connector.
  2. so there s no problem of electricity? mostly my pc is on and automatic and can gtx 650 ti bear electricity coming and going?
  3. Obviously that's never ideal but there's no reason why it would be an issue for one GPU more than it would for any other. I'd advise investing in a UPS or at the very least a surge protector. Where are you?
  4. Lahore, Pakistan..
  5. I was almost expecting you to say Syria or Somalia or something! Energy supply is bad there then? Have a look into a UPS. I don't know much about them but I think it's ideal for your situation.
  6. i cant afford a ups i will get any kind of normal protector..
    Anyways thanks every one
  7. Pleasure :-) Have fun with the Boost.
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