Acer aspire 5745pg laptop wont turn on correctly

I was on my laptop yesterday, and it froze so i tried to restart my laptop but it did not work ans so i removed the battery as in the past this has turned the laptop of. I then placed the battery back in and pressed on the button. But all i i get is a grey screen with a little white line on the top left screen. There is also writing at the bottom of the screen saying to press f2 or f12. i have a acer aspire 5745PG touch screen laptop. PLEASE HELP me, i really need to get my laptop back to normal without losing any of my data. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP
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  1. sounds like its not finding your hard drive

    press f12 when prompted and see if the hard drive is in the boot list

    or press f2 and see if your hard drive is listed in the bios
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