HP laptop cannot find my graphics card?

So, I recently got a new Windows, Windows 7 Ultimate, upgraded from 32 to 64 bit, After I installed every driver from HP support assistant, including my ATI radeon, After 1 day when i Booted my Laptop, The driver was gone and was nowhere to be found in Hp Support assistant, I tried AMD site and downloaded in category f 6xxxM and tried HP site as well, But none works, I tried The Graphics card verification tool, but it only detected my Intel HD graphics, not the ATI radeon..
*Specs: HP pavilion g61040se
Dual graphics - ATI radeon HD 6470m - Intel HD
4gb ram
Win7 64bit
2.53 ghz
Thanks in advance
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  1. there seem to be drivers for AMD graphics:
  2. Yes there is, but it does not work, I install it but I still cant use my AMD graphics.
  3. Can you start the catalyst control centre? that should let you configure the switchable graphics.
  4. I don't have that aswell, I have nothing related to ATI, But When i go to device manager I see AMD RADEON 6470M but when I click update driver it says already up to date.
    I disabled my Intel Graphic card thinking tht would make me use my ATI, I opened my game it says Could Not load direct3d, This problem is caused by out of date graphic card driver, but when I enable back my Intel it works fine.
  5. have a look in c:\program files\AMD for a file called CCC.exe and try and run it. Make sure you have all the .Net framwork stuff installed too. can't remember which version CCC requires.
  6. No folder called AMD.
    I don't think i have any files of AMD
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