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I recently ordered a gaming pc online and the company has emailed me to tell me that they could replace the GTX 670 (which i ordered) with the GTX 760 for the same price, they also suggested that the 760 was better than the 670. I have done a little research that suggests that the 670 is better but im wondering what you guys think.

Thanks for any help :)
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    They're trying to rip you off. Preliminary benchmarks place the GTX760 slightly below the GTX670. It's not a big difference, but the GTX760 is slower.
  2. Only do it if they are willing to charge you less for it. Id say the 670 and 760, for all extensive purposes, the same, and when you overclock the 760, it should perform better than most stock 670's. That being said, a 760 is around $250, a 670 is around $330. So I'd only go with the 760 if they were charging you less for it. If they are charging you the same amount, go with the 670 and overclock that sucker. But keep in mind a one thing tough: the 700 series of cards comes with a built in h.264 encoder which enables shadow play (screen recording with very little hit to your gaming performance. Anyone who uses fraps for recording knows how detrimental to your framerate fraps recording can be). This may or may not be important to you.
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