Is this GPU running at full speed

hi guys just finished building a new pc when i oppened gpu-z to check everything was ok it said the following

under bus interface PCI-E 3.0x16@x16 1.1does this mean the card is running in PCIE version 1 mode????? how would i go about getting the card to utilise the socket more this is one of the first times i've seen this sort of thing displayed in gpu-z

system as follows

asrock extreme 6 z87 mobo
i5 4670k
16 gig g.skill ares ram
gigabyte 7970 GHZ edition

on a side note i do have a syba pcie x1 4 port sata card in the top x1 then the graphics card in the mext x16 socket

any suggestions, and also would crossfire 7970's in x8/x8 be much slower than x16/x16 i remember toms doing a guide on this exaxt question but i'm on iphone at the moment

thanks guys
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  1. The graphics card goes in the top slot.
  2. markwp said:
    The graphics card goes in the top slot.

    hi thanks for the reply, yes the video card is in the first full length slot that iot will physically fit in on the motherboard the raid card is in the pcie x1 slot which is located above the video card so its

    pcie x1 <-Raid
    pcie fullsize_1 <-GPU
    pci_1 - EMPTY
    pcie full size_2 - EMPTY
    pci_2 - EMPTY
    pcie_fullsize_3 - EMPTY
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    You updated your m/b drivers and gpu drivers, correct? Bios up to date?

    When running gpu-z:

    click on the question mark by "PCIe 3.0x16 @ x1 1.1"
    then run the render test.
    watch the pcie 1.1 label.
    it will change to pcie 3.0.

    it changes it based on what your doing in order to save power,and task the power supply less.

  4. You updated your m/b drivers and gpu drivers, correct? Bios up to date?

    Hi Mark, thank you very much for your reply, your answer was spot on when i did the render test it went upto

    pcie x16 3.0

    is this a power saving state in the radeons, as i haven't experienced this before sort of like the intel speedstep/c states

    thank you very much for your prompt and precise response

  5. Exactly - if full speed isn't needed, they "throttle down". Nice feature IMO
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