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Are there any scripts or Monitoring software that can help me to know how to detect who access the files and folder at my file server.

Spare me for my bad english.

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  1. Please explain a bit more about the tool i.e like i want to see all the events of the copy folder. And is this a freeware application. Moreover please let me know the exact link of the company as this is not showing me the actual location.
  2. I have one application at my knowledge please have a look at this applications.

  3. Thanks larry for this update. Please let me know that i want to monitor only the share folder and that too the file that are deleted. Now at this level of case i want an alert at my mail as bcz i want to get only an alert via mail and wnats a scheulede monitorng also.

    Sorry for bad english.

    If not clear let me know back.
  4. Yes oliver this by the help of this application you can monitor all the files and folder with in a server. The folder has no limitation i.e it can be either shared or it can be either drive. Thus for all these things you need to just set some settings at the application and you can do what ever you want. And yes the application has the option of alerts through via mail etc.

    I hope this was clear to you.

    Rest for any other queries you need to test the application.

  5. Hi Larry thanks for the great advice and thanks Toms for giving this opportunity to share such a nice and wonderful views.
    The tool that you recommended is exactly server Monitoring tool and that has the feature to export the touched folder in to the mails that has actually saved the time and moreover letting the time period saved

    Thanks again.
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