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What is the best CPU cooler to use with my i7 4770K (I want to OC to 4.5)

I'm currently debating between the,
1) Hyper 212 evo
2) Zalman CNSP9900
3) Noctua NH-D14

What do you guys think?
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    the best would be the noctua no doubt, its a beast and the size relates to that,. The 212 is a great choice also, and you can oc to 4.5 with any of these but OC relies on the chip, you could get a 4.2 card you could get a 5 luck of the draw
  2. The 212 is so cheap would that be sufficient IF I could get lucky and reach 4.5?
  3. If you have the money to blow go for the D14, assuming it will fit with your case/RAM, otherwise just go for the EVO.
  4. What about the Phanteks one? (Sorry, forgot the complete name)
    Or the Dark Rock(s)?
  5. Ok thanks for the advice!
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