whats the best settings to overclock gtx 670 OC version using Asus GPU Tweak or any other similar program

hi guys i am new to overclock thing and i see some options on gpu tweak software to overclok my asus gtx 670 OC version (this is not DCU2 Top version).

the ranges of parameters are like this

GPU BOOST Clock - default 1058 Mhz and max 1280
Memory CLock - default 6008 and max 8008
fan speed can set auto, manual

if anyone here have experience in overclocking, please tell me what are the setting i can reach to maximum performance in safest manner...

Thank You
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  1. Do not use that software.

    Instead use MSI Afterburner.
    It has got a sleek GUI and is very easy to use.

    Just raise Core Clock to around 150 Mhz higher and Memory Clock to 200 Mhz higher. Apply and save it. See if you get too high temperatures. If yes, lower clocks by a bit, if not, set it to that and you have a decent overclock with noticeable differences.

    You can even go higher if your card stays cooler after said settings.
  2. hi luckiest charm,

    there is another bar called power limit (%) should i change that bar too ? if so what percentage ?
  3. Power Limit means the amount of power your card can consume.

    Suppose your max TDP is 200W (Example). Raising it would allow it to consume more power in order to achieve higher clock rates. :)
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