which is powerful a high end gaming pc or a next gen. console ?

Which has more power a new PC (like i7 haswell or AMD FX8350) or a next gen console like PS4 ??
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    PC always has more power.

    Always (If we're talking gaming PCs that are worth their salt).

    You must never doubt whether consoles are more powerful.

    By default they can't be, as they're very dependent on reaching large amounts of people.

    And how do you do that? Well one sure fire way not to do it, is by being very expensive.

    Thus you need cheap hardware; but hardware which is still "ok" by most peoples accounts.

    That naturally leads you away from very high-end components. Even if you do put high-end

    components in a console though, consoles don't change very much over time. This means they're

    quickly outdated. With a PC, you can upgrade your hardware as you see fit. So PC is by extension

    always the most powerful for gaming and the most flexible. Side note: You wouldn't get an i7 for a gaming

    PC unless you're either:

    A) Ignorant.

    B) The type that has lots of cash to burn.

    C) Trying to squeeze out every last bit of performance.
  2. Games consoles cannot match a gaming PC period. The PS4 manages around 1.84 TFlops of compute power maximum. My gaming PC has two Titans in it, each can produce 4.4 TFlops of compute processing making each video card more than 2x more powerful than a single PS4. When I add in the CPU too to the total, the compute power of my gaming PC is close to 10 TFlops.

    So no a next gen console is not comparable to a gaming PC.
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