need help picking a psu

Need help getting a psu ..not to sure what to grab here is my setup:

16gb of ram
Thermaltake frio cpu cooler
2 gtx 680's
1 corsair ssd
2 hdd
1 bluray burner
1 dvdrw
5 case fans
And dont really know the diffrence between modular and non modular
Any help would be great
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  1. What is this build going to be used for? If it's gaming you're doing it wrong. You should get less CPU and invest the difference in dual 780s, not 680s. But with a GPU setup like that, you're looking at least an 850W but you need a quality supply like this:
  2. Itll be used for a little bit of everything...and all parts were given to me so as of now the only thing i paid for was the cpu cooler and soon to be psu
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