Hot temperature for graphics card? AMD

What is the shut down temperature for an Asus7750? AMD
I have never seen it go above 60 C , I think my system needs a better graphics card to keep up with processor.
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  1. Timothy Church said:
    What is the shut down temperature for an Asus7750?

    I know Nvidia's Kepler has a max temp of 105C so i'll venture a guess somewhere around there for amd gpu's as well.
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    The 7750 Can take upto 95 - 100 C. If you take it above 105 etc. it will probably fire up :D
    And using your card continously on those temps will melt it for sure.

    So even if you do overclock the GPU or whatever, never let the temp. go above 80 - 82 C during full load.
    Thats the optimal safe zone i guess.
    I use an ATI 6750 and i never let the temp. get above 65C, to be safe and to make sure it lasts as long as possible :)
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