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I am at a loss. With a new Samsung Windows 8 laptop, my connecting to my 4+ year old LaCie backup drive which has all of my music and photos on it, does not work. I put the software disk into the disk drive, and loaded it, but it wouldn't complete the task. I saved the "backing up" software; I can see it on my laptop. but when I restart my laptop the LaCie drive is not even recognized as an additional drive. Could this mean that the "driver" is not recognized by Windows 8? I find nothing downloadable (which I recognize) on the LaCie site among drivers. Does anyone have a clue? (Or do I have to lug this heavy new laptop AND the brick down to Tekserve?)
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  1. Which lacie do you have and how are you connecting it to the laptop?
  2. popatim said:
    Which lacie do you have and how are you connecting it to the laptop?

    Thanks for listening! and being willing to lend a hand.
    I may have discovered the answer. I didn't realize a difference between the USB2 and USB3.
    I have the laptop connected with "high speed USB cable" (which are white ends, so USB2) into a hub, and the hub is connected into the LaCie brick (which connects only from a "male" end (looks like the small square with a bump on top)) I just looked at photo of my laptop and the left side, where I'd been connecting the USB cable might only be a USB3 port (photo on Samsung shows it as blue in color), so tonight I will try 3 things: (1) connect to the right side, so it's at USB2, or (2) download the driver someone just wrote about (USB 3.0 not recognized by Windows 8 ?) That didn't make sense to me, and will also try unconnecting the hub and just putting the LaCie brick next to the laptop (a pain for every time I want to do this, so it goes from a USB 2.0 or 3.0 (plugged into the right spot) by a very short cable which ends with the male end in the brick itself. Sound like a plan? What do you suggest I try?
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