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which graphic card should i buy very confused

GTX 660Ti or GTX 760.

i have read reviews that 660 Ti won the 760 in every aspect but still wanna know from you guys .
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  1. 660 Ti wins in every aspect? In what review?

    760 is 5% faster then the 660 Ti

  2. GTX 760, no doubt. With new drivers will come better performance, and there are only a few situations that the 660 Ti barely edges the 760. Plus, the 760 is ~$30 cheaper.
  3. thank you so much ..
  4. and 1 more thing shud i go with evga version or gigabyte version for gtx 760. iam loooking for cooler gpu

    i will buy the above beast then ??? check all the specifications in that link n let me know please . there is something like REV 2.0 for this product what does that mean ? there is another gigabyte one which doesnt have REV 2.0
  6. I'm partial to the EVGA ACX cooling system. My vote would be the EVGA GTX 760 ACX model. :)
    EVGA GTX 760 Superclock ACX (Comparable to that Gigabyte) $259

    The Gigabyte Windforce cooler is good too. But it's also longer.
  7. will the gigabyte gpu fit in my Cooler master 690 II advanced chasis ??
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    It will fit and go with the gigabyte or msi best cooling and quiet. Definitely the 760.
  9. Gigabyte and Asus provide the best cooled 760's
  10. Intel God said:
    Gigabyte and Asus provide the best cooled 760's

    Ya iam getting the gigabyte version. Thank you everyone for ur valuable time
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