Serious computer issues after RAM upgrade.

I upgraded my RAM about 14 days ago and my computer ran just fine for 8 days and then it suddenly started turning on and off on a 1 second interval. I took everything out, cleaned off the dust, and took out the motherboard battery for a while so the MOBO woul reset and upon reassembly, the computer would boot, but I would run into the "loading operating system ..." That won't go away. I update the BIOS from p67aud7b3 f2 to p67aud7b3 f7 and now it still goes to the "loading operating system screen ..." But I can't even get to my BIOS settings or POST. This is very frustrating and I have done everything other forums with similar problems told me to do with no luck. Please help!

System info:

MOBO: p67a-ud7-b3 with f7 BIOS version

Current RAM: 4x 8GB or ripjaws Z 1600 MHz. (32GB total)

Old RAM: 2x 4GB ripjaws 2133 MHz (8GB total)

CPU: intel i7 2600K

GPU: 2x radeon HD 6970s in crossfire

PSU: corsair AX1200 Gold

Edit: I can now get to all of my BIOS settings. That was caused by a faulty keyboard, but I still cannot boot.
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  1. One stick is probably bad. Run memtest86 for 4+ passes.
  2. I had to unplug all hard drives to get it to boot from the memtest86 disk but it eventually did and It had 0 errors after 4 passes so its not a memory issue.
  3. So you were able to get into memtest without issue?

    Download either the manufacturers testing tool and run that or hirens boot cd and run one of the hdd diagnostics.

    To get into a bootable cd instead of your hdd you need to change the boot order in the bios.
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    If you couldn't get it to boot without unplugging a HDD I would guess a HDD may be the issue.

    Do you have an SSD?
  5. Yes I have an ssd and it was the problem. It was broken. Prob solved. Thanks :)
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