The motherboard or the RAM? Can't boot with dual channel.

So I've been having trouble with my motherboard. It's a EVGA P67 SLi motherboard. (BIOS and everything is up to date). I'm running 2x4GB of G.Skill Ripjaws and the computer will not boot with them in the dual channel orientation


|| 4gb || slot || 4gb || slot || per the motherboard manual.

They will run like this however:

|| 4gb || 4gb || slot || slot||

Which is odd. And I have already RMA'd the RAM, each runs perfectly by itself, but when put together in dual channel orientation, no boot, no error code by the MB either. (I have also tried to see if the slots are broken, it will boot with 1 stick in any slot).

So I bought 2x8GB Crucial Ballistix LP and tried that. Still no dice. Called EVGA support and it was helpful, just didn't fix the problem. They said my motherboard doesn't support 2x8GB sticks, which is appalling to me. Nonetheless it still didn't boot with the 2x4GB sticks. So It's either the RAM I'm using or the motherboard is busted.


If it's the motherboard, could you recommend a new motherboard that will support my 2x8GB sticks of Crucial RAM? I guess in order to answer that question you'll need to know my setup:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Motherboard: EVGA P67 SLi
CPU: Intel 2500k (LGA 1155)
GFX: 2xGeForce GTX 460 (SLi)
Case: Antec Lanboy Air

That's the important stuff anyways. And to note I want good overclocking capabilities, lets get this CPU to 4.0GHz+!

Thanks for the help, hopefully we can fix this or you guys can recommend a new motherboard that will work for me...

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  1. I should add that the EVGA guy said I should be able to run 4x4GB. However, if it can't even run 2x4GB in dual channel, I'm not sure it will work with 4x4GB.
  2. What if you put it in the second set of dual channel slots? (slots 2 and 4)
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