Final Thoughts! Ordering parts today.

This is a 850 dollar build and I have an extra 20 bucks. Should I just leave my build the way it is and save money or put that money in a better CPU or GPU? All I want is to play most games at 1080p at Highs to Ultra settings. Thanks for your input!
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  1. It will cost you more than $20 but your power supply is inadequate. The standard for the 7870 is 500 watts. The Sapphire card also says 500 watts. For some reason the Sapphire card also has two 6 pins istead of the one standard.

    Get this XFX 550W

    It is a better quality than the CX Corsair and it has the wattage to power your system for it's lifetime. It also has the two pins required.
  2. Your power supply is under sized for that gpu. You want a 650w unit to be safe.
  3. I might be a little worried that a CX430 is not sufficient for a 7870.

    You might substitute a GTX660 which is comparable, and needs less power.
    Or, spend your $20 for a stronger psu.
    I might like this pc p&c 500w silencer which is $60 after rebate:
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