best graphic card for up to 200$

What is the best graphics card for up to 200$ I dont care what brand, i just want it to run games FAST.
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  1. you can get a 7870 when its on sale
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    The GTX 660. Not too long ago, I would have recommended the HD 7850 at this price point, but now that Nvidia has dropped their prices, the 660 takes the win. Both cost $200 on Newegg, but the 660 is the more powerful card.
  3. 7870 when on sale is 175 and is better than the 660
  4. A 7870 at $175 would be a much better deal, yes. For that matter, a 7870 at $200 would be better. It's a better card. Based on MSRP, though, I recommend the 660. That's not to say OP shouldn't snatch up a 7870 if he finds a good deal.
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