Asus Windows 8 Laptop - Keyboard Confusion

My wife has a touch screen Asus Vivobook and the keyboard is suddenly not operating correctly. Instead of typing letters it is being interpreted as some other commands by windows. This also happens with the onscreen touch keyboard and when we conncect an external usb keyboard. Any ideas?
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    Hey there

    It could have been more helpful if you would have given more details like by pressing which keys on the keyboard what commands are executed or windows are opening.

    However, a few tips might still be helpful I think.

    - Verify that any of your action keys (Alt, Ctrl, Windows, Shift) are not stuck on your keyboard.
    - Verify that you have not turned on Sticky Keys by mistake. (Go to 'Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Make the keyboard easier to use' and turn off the Sticky Keys if turned on).
    - Ensure that the Fn key is not enabled. You can disable Fn key either from the BIOS or using a key combination on the keyboard (Key combinations may vary depending up on the model. You can refer the user manual that shipped along with your laptop.)

    If the problem persists, try restoring your Windows to the earlier state when it used to work fine.

    Hope this helps.
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