Wireless network resets after unplugging modem

Whenever I turn off the modem and router's power (they're both plugged into a the same surge protector) and turn the power back on, my wireless network disappears. When I right click on my wireless icon it doesn't recognize the network that I had previously set up - I have to setup the wifi again. Does anyone know what is going on? Did I do something wrong when I setup the wifi in the first place? Anything to do with dynamic vs static IP?

My knowledge of networking is basic.

OS: Win7 64bit
Modem: Cisco 2100 cable modem
Router: Belkin N+
ISP: Comcast
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  1. Are you saying you need to setup the wireless network in the computer or in the router? Either case, it should remember, if it's on he computer, check for newer drivers for wifi, if on the router, check for new firmware.
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