Airflow through case

The current planned build:
BitFenix Prodigy
ASUS P8Z77-i Deluxe
EVGA GTX 770 Factory OC'ed ACX cooling
Corsair HX650
WD Blue 1TB
Kingston HyperX 8GB
Hyper 212 EVO

I am wondering about airflow through the case and how that would affect performance and long term use.

Did not know where this thread goes sorry
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  1. Bad airflow = heat = crashes = shorter longevity of components.

    Good airflow = cables managed, intake slightly higher than exhaust, air moving front/bottom thru to exhaust top/back. (Heat rises) anything specific you are asking?
  2. Well In this case with the EVO and graphics card installed, I'm not sure about airflow. I think the evo might block it.
  3. If your EVO has fans (meaning, not running passively) then it should be assisting in case airflow, assuming your orientation is correct for optimal case flow.
  4. So in the silver part of the EVO where the fans mount air passes through that?
  5. Best answer
    Ya... that's how it cools... just make sue fan airflow is directed to the back of the csse
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