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I have been playing Black Ops 2 for about 2 weeks now... i'll be playing for a random amount of time, then it will say "Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has stopped working. It will close the game and then automatically restart 2 seconds later. In wasn't having this problem until yesterday. Please Help

My system specs:

CPU: i5-3570K (overclocked to 4.2 ghz)

GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 660 2gb GDDR5

RAM: 8gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz (2 x 4gb)

PSU: Corsair CX500
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    Try to reinstall the game, this often fixes the problem, I had the same here with Driver Parallel Lines, Mafia and more.
  2. if running on steam right click black ops 2 multiplayer and then click properties then go to local files and finally click verify integrity of game cache. see if that helps
  3. i re-installed and it is still crashing... verifying the cache integrity didn't help either... now my zombies is starting to do it

    I was using nvidia driver version 320.18 until yesterday i downgraded to 314.22 because i read that 320.18 was causing problems and ruining people's GPU's
  4. So did the downgrade solve your problem ?
    Keep us informed.
  5. Could also be that your computer is infected, you might want to reset the operating system. Try running a scan with your anti-virus, see if that helps, if not, well I can only suggest your reinstall windows. (assuming that is the one you are using) When did you proceed to a complete reseting ? Did you change any of the compatibility settings in windows or in your graphic card's control panel ?

    EDIT: Try a game fix maybe : (if you bought the game, of course) according to the version of the game you have, by the way witch version is it ? Did you update it ?
  6. the downgrade seems to have fixed it... it hasn't crashed yet
  7. Well then, if it seems fixed to you, you should mark this thread as solved so nobody waists their time on it.

    Enjoy your game (besides, I heard its not the best; it's ranked as the worst ever of the series, but hey, everyone has his one taste, right ?)
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