Installed a CPU Cooler getting BSOD now

Today I switched my current stock fan to a Cooler Master H520, the instructions were not very well detailed but I managed. I had to remove my motherboard in order to install the backplates behind the motherboard for I could mount the Cooler.

Before I started to work inside my computer I tried to discharge myself by plugging in the power supply and make sure its off.

After I installed everything I booted my pc and everything was good, until I ran my usual games and Chrome...

Shockwave was constantly crashing my games instantly crashed and then I got a BSOD.

I'm worried that I might have damaged a hardware component. I checked all my drivers for updates and updated all of them including my graphics card.

Intel i3 550 Dual Core
GTS 450 Graphics Card
4GiGs of RAM

Additional info: I removed everything from my motherboard while I was installing the cooler. I tried to re-install my OS and I got an error saying that an error occurred and it backed up.

UPDATE#1: The Shockwave problems have stopped occurring but all my games crash constantly.

I really appreciate the help thanks.
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  1. Have you tried cleaning them before putting them all back in place? Have you forgotten about the thermal paste? This looks like an overheating issue.
  2. Yes I did applied a small amount of thermal paste in the center of the cpu and let the pressure of the CPU and Cooler spread it.

    I'm currently checking my temps and they are 10-20C lower than my stock fan. I highly doubt its the temp

    Current temp while browsing the net = 25C
  3. Download and run OCCT to test your system under load
  4. Hmm checked the ram temps?
  5. Should I use prime95 ?
  6. No, use hwmonitor. donwload it. I think it's an overheating issue because it occurs after a minute or so when under load (like gaming).

    Screenshot of my Hwmonitor
  8. I got OCCT up and running its set at 1hour CPU is currently at 100% usage.
  9. Oh damn, look at your 12+ rail. It's only providing 6volts!! Half of what it's supposed to give. It might even be your PSU not providing enough juice. I'm just not sure if that's correct because hw monitoring sf are sometimes not accurate. Try using a voltage meter.
  10. Heres another pic with OCCT of the volts
  11. Jack heres the results =
  12. Hmm, check your motheboard for bent pins or anything broken. I've seen some BSOD solved threads of people saying that they found a broken pin or something out of place.
  13. I don't understand my temps were higher with the stock fan and now I'm getting these errors I have a gut feeling that I damaged my motherboard...
  14. Look, same result. It's just giving only 6v juice, it's supposed to be around 10 to 11. Are you sure you've hooked up the cpu power correctly?
  15. Hm, I'm noticing my COM2 slot is not connected on my motherboard but I do not remember having it connected before.

    I'm still looking around my motherboard to see if everything is connected


    My PSU is Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500w Power Supply for those wondering I purchased it 2.5years ago

  16. Is this normal? Just found it on the plug of my motherboard
  17. Yes that's normal. Can you double check if you've connected the correct CPU power source from the PSU.
  18. If i'm correct I have a 4pin connector connecting to the motherboard which I believe its for the CPU

    pic =
  19. Yea, that's the correct one... Hmmm I can see you have connected the correct ones, with the 24pin for atx power, gpu power, and cpu power. Idk man.. Goodluck.. SOrry can't help..
  20. Okay, heres what I currently have connected much better and its not blocked =
  21. adimeister said:
    Yea, that's the correct one... Hmmm I can see you have connected the correct ones, with the 24pin for atx power, gpu power, and cpu power. Idk man.. Goodluck.. SOrry can't help..

    Alright thanks I'll get a new PSU to see if that solves anything thanks for your time.
  22. Don't buy right away, try to borrow first.
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