Evga GeForce gtx770 sc w/acx vs galaxy GeForce 770

I need to choose between these 2 graphics cards . I am using an amd fx-8350 CPU and a asrock extreme 4 motherboard. I just wanted to know wich card would be better for gaming
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  1. check out the gigabyte version from what ive heard best cooling.
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    My vote is EVGA 770 with ACX. Mine has been super quiet and very cool. Playing games like Far Cry 3, BF3, and even running Heaven 4.0 Benchmarks I've yet to go over 70C @ 100% GPU usage.

    The Gigabyte card noobmcwafz mentioned has gotten good reviews as well. But it's an inch longer than the EVGA card (10" EVGA / 11" Gigabyte). So make sure your case has room for either card.

    Between EVGA and Galaxy though... hands down EVGA.
  3. Ok so now is evga geforce gtx770 sc acx vs gigabyte GeForce gtx 770
  4. I preferred the EVGA SuperClock ACX model.

    Gigabyte is good too with their Windforce 3 cooler.

    Either is a great choice. I just like the EVGA better. It's smaller and I think looks nicer! Plus EVGA gave me a free backplate for the card and a free copy of 3DMark Advanced just for registering my warranty and giving them a copy of my purchase invoice.
  5. Thanks

    Galaxy always performs better.... not sure why dude is such an EVGA fanboy. They haven't been on top since their 780i motherboard.
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