How bad will my CPU bottleneck the GPU?

Hello everyone,
I am currently using an Intel core i5 650 @ 3.2 ghz CPU.
I am about to buy an MSI GTX 760.
I will be able to upgrade the CPU soon, but is the bottleneck really that bad? ( not planning to overclock.)
I am aiming to run max settings at 1080p.
If an upgrade is necessary, recommending CPUs is welcome.
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  1. You should be okay although, it really depends on what games you play...
  2. Any idea if CPU intensive games will run OK?
    Also, I read somewhere (don't remember where) that higher settings tend to lean towards the GPU - so will higher settings run OK?
    And thanks for the quick answer.
  3. It will be fine on games that aren't CPU bound/heavy... being a dual core will hurt you on some games like said above. Games still aren't increasing in demand too much yet. Hopefully with the new consoles out we'll see developers push it a bit. Though for now, games are still easy as pie. Still running a 3.6ghz Q9550 + 6970 and I've only had 1-2 games I couldn't play on all high @ 1080.

    Though... I'd seriously look into overclocking. You can get a good 20-30% more out of that CPU by barely trying.
  4. I thought about overclocking, but the problem is I have no idea how to do it, and I am on a stock cooler.
    Seems really complicated.
    Thanks for the answer though, and do you think it's worth upgrading?
    I was planning on i5 4430 or 3570k.
  5. Yeah, most CPU intensive games should run pretty well at 1080p with that card. Higher settings should be ok as well, frame rates should be decent. If you can upgrade your CPU though, you should do so, you'll be much better off with games that utilize more than two cores.
  6. Do you think I'll be able to run most games at max or high settings with 45+ fps?
    And thank you very much for the quick answers, I had no idea if it would run.
  7. Best answer
    Yeah, you should run most games at high settings easily.
  8. Wow. I was expecting a major bottleneck, but looks like I'll be fine.
  9. No Problem! :D
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