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I have an NVidia GTX650 (not Ti) and a Samsung SMS 22A 350 (Synchmaster SA350). When I connect the two using DVI out to VGA in (no vga out on GPU) I get perfect colour and contrast. When connected via mini HDMI to HDMI or DVIto HDMI no matter what settings and adjustments I try I cant get a decent image on screen. Tends to be grainy and not very sharp. I have tried 2 different monitors and a Samsung 27 inch TV/Monitor and always have same problem. Have tried altering settings in Nvidia control panel and monitor settings without success. Can anyone on this Forum help me out - or do I just accept it?
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  1. what HDMI cable do you have?
  2. That was a quick reply !! BlueRigger High Speed Mini HDMI to HDMI cable with Ethernet 1.8 Meters - But had same problem with full sized HDMI-HDMI with my old NVidia card
  3. Haha :) sounds like a monitor issue if you have adjusted the settings and still getting a bad quality image how olds the monitor?
  4. 20 months ! tried it on Samsung 27 inch TV/Monitor set to game mode and normal and its the same. VGA is perfect on both
  5. same prob using DVI-D out from GPU to HDMI in on monitor or TV/monitor. Anyone any ideas?? Have tries altering settings on both monitors without much luck.
  6. Update - As stated - have tried all 3 outputs on rear of GPU and still get NVIDIA settings change after short while. Have tried changing settings on control panel to "autu select" - "desktop progs" - "full screen videos". The picture quality changes (darkens and lightens) all the time. I have tried many different leads and even replaced the GPU - still same problem. Have gone into Display settings and ticked "use my settings" still messes up. Could it be the Asrock H77M MOBO Pci slot playing up ?? Tried 4 different monitors without success. I'm getting a bit p@@@@d off with it and my other half is getting P@@@@d off with me always moaning about it.
    Please can anyone out there help me solve it?
  7. the new card is working perfectly when using monitor with DVI to VGA connector supplied. But still loses settings if just using one of the DVI sockets or HDMI. Can anyone shed any light on this please ?
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