i will buy an i3 3220 with 7790 2gb...
Will it be enough for next gen games to play at 720p???e.g. like watch dogs and ports from next gen consoles?IS IT ENOUGH FOR NEXT GEN?
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  1. I think you should switch to AMD FX CPU instead, more cores, and next gen consoles have a lot of CPU cores anyway ( made by AMD, too ). The 7790 should be enough for 720p.
  2. Better choice is any mid range i5 cpu
  3. I want to stick with intel because of low power tdp...the i3 has 55w and the fx chip has 95w-125w
  4. TDP doesn't reflect actual power consumption, it's just an awareness from the manufacturer that you should have "that good" of a cooler ( that can handle the wattage number in TDP ) to run the cpu/vga in-stressful. If you still prefer Intel then getting an i5 3350p would worth the extra money.
  5. I would recommend E3-1230V2 or V3 if you do not plan to OC.
    If you are going to OC, I would recommend i5 3570k or i5 4670k.
    Those are my favorite :)
    E3-1230V2 and V3 are the hidden diamonds from Intel. They are basically i7 3770k/4770kbut without OC part and without the integrated GPU...and...they are about as cheap/expensive as i5 3570k/4670k.

    Some more thoughts:
    I would say instead of i3, I prefer FX6xxx. i5 is however still my favorite for bang for bucks (or the E3-1230Vx).
    FX83xx is also good if you would like to have AMD instead of Intel i5. i5 is better for my taste tho'.
    If you have enough cash, i7 3770k or 4770k is also nice.

    Now the GPU, I would not recommend going lower than HD7850. With HD7850 on 720p, you will have better resource buffer in the future. But if you are short of cash, HD7790 is fine :)
  6. No i will not overclock...the INTEL XEON E3 1230 V2 how will it run in games?
  7. ^ On par with the much cheaper i5 3350p.
  8. So basically an 3350p with an 7790 will be more future proof for next gen gaming at 720p?
  9. Hronis said:
    So basically an 3350p with an 7790 will be more future proof for next gen gaming at 720p?

    Yes they will.
  10. And something else...which psu should i buy?i'm looking seasonic g 550w...
  11. That Seasonic PSU would be a great choice. If you're from the US you should consider the XFX Pro Core 550w with similar quality but with a lower price tag ( due to deals ) :
  12. I'm from seasonic is at 100 euros and the XFX that you told me is at 60 euros...
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    Get that XFX PSU then. Seasonic made it anyway :)
  14. i5 3350 and E3-1230V2/V3 are only different basically on the hyperthreading, the single core speed is relative the same.
    I believe, more games will be able to gain advantage on having more cores in the future, although most games today still can not gain any advantage from having hyperthreading.
    E3-1230 will be mostlikely more future proof than i5 3350 but only if you can really afford it. If not, i5 3350 is already good enough.

    @Madn3ss795: Really? XFX PSUs are from Seasonic too? Nice! :D
  15. Most games can't take advantage of hyper threading thou. HT has been out for over a half decade, since the times of Pentium4, and throughout those years, the amount of games that support multi real cores increased dramatically, but not the amount of games that support virtual cores from hyper-threading.

    As for the PSUs: yes, Seasonic made all XFX PSUs as far as I know.
  16. About ram????1333mhz cas7 or 1600 cas 7????does it matter latency???or just pick a simple ram with cas9???
  17. The difference if you pick faster or slower RAM speed or latency is relative minimal.
    It does not really matters, especially since you do not OC... but...
    If I check the current prices, I believe 1600 CL9 is the best bang for buck.
  18. 1600 cas9 would be enough.
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