RAM Difference for socket 1150?

Hi, I was thinking of upgrading my system to an Intel Core i7 4770K and a Gigabyte Z87-D3HP.
I currently use Kingston HyperX Genesis 8GB 1600mhz RAM.

I am currently seeing new types of RAM that are getting released ever since Intel has released their 4th gen CPUs.
Would my current RAM work with the new CPU and motherboard?
If it does would it impact on the performance of the ram?
And also what is different to the ram I have and the RAM that is new?
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  1. #1 Yes #2 Yes, a bit slower #3 Speed
  2. Your current sticks are compatible with Haswell platform. New ram kits are being released just to get the hype from people ( and might make someone believe that they need those new kits to run Haswell ). Yet you might have to adjust the RAM voltage to 1.65v yourself in order to make sure that those sticks can run at their advertised speed ( 1600mhz cas9 ). That's all.
  3. Any DDR3 will run on Haswell
  4. Preferably 1600 (and 1.5 voltage sticks) for a locked CPU, the K models can handle about any higher freq up through 2666, and many of the 4670K's can run up through 3000 sticks...8GB is a good starting point
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