need help with warrenty probs

i bought a prebuilt pc from walmart about 2 years ago and now that i bought my new computer my hard drive is crashing and i dont have the money to replace it how do i go about gitting it replaced
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  1. If It a dell or hp and it under the on year warranty call or email there customer support line with your issue. Most times they run some diags online and if they think it your hard drive they will mail you a drive or if you have in home service send a tech. Or there give you a list of local repair shops. If they can't find an issue the drive the level one tech may have you run the computer restore. It wipe all the data off the drive and put the factory image onto the unit.
  2. If it your older pc you have to check to see if t pc still under warranty.
    On the pc that having issue run hdtune read the drive smart info look for errors. Use seatools or wd tools to test the hard drive. Run memtest86 to test your ram. Run malware byte scan and check that your anti virus is up todate and running.
  3. i no longer has this issues thanks for trying to help :)
  4. how did you resolve your problem so that others can learn from it?
  5. to be honest i just bought a new hard drive at the time i didnt know there where tons of places to buy them from and at cheap prices to if you would like to know where i bought mine from link is below.

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