Can you sli an evga gtx 760 superclocked with a gigabyte gtx 760 oc

Hey I just got a free gigabyte gtx 760 oc from a contest I won and I currently have a evga gtx 760 superclocked in my system will I be able to sli them even though they are different brands and the won I have now is a bit better also I am currently running a 600 watt psu will I need to upgrade that to sli the cards?
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  1. What PSU, motherboard and case are you using ( specific model )?
  2. Psu is corsair cx600 80 plus bronze certified, motherboard is msi atx ddr3 2600 LGA 1150 z87 -g45, and case is cooler master HAF 912
  3. Case : ok
    Motherboard : ok
    PSU : not ok. You'd want a good cooler with wattage of 650w at least. I'd suggest this one as the cheapest viable option ( if you're from the US ) : Or if you can pay 5$ more, this PSU really worth the extra:
  4. Is the extra 50 watts to be on the safe side or would my current psu be a good enough
  5. 50w more to make it on the safe side plus your current PSU is not good enough for a mid-end system like yours.
  6. Would i be able to sli them for now then until I upgrade my psu which will probably take a month or bit less to save up the money
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    I'm not really sure that it would be safe enough to run at 600W. I really think 650W is the minimum, better to go 700 or 750 though.
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