Can 1x GTX 770 (2GB) easily do 2x 1080p monitors?

Or would that be a stretch with 2GB Memory?

Thinking about picking up a VG248QE to go with my existing 23'' Asus monitor
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    To game on one display and have applications/desktop on the other? That won't have any major impact on performance.
  2. As sam said, you should be fine with one GTX 770 2GB I can't think of anyway you would be gaming on both monitors at once since a two monitor setup doesn't work with gaming.
  3. Well, the 770 is more than capable of having to monitors for maybe a movie or a video on the other, and gaming on the other, but you shouldn't be able to game on BOTH at the same time, that would be a hell of a lot of performance issues, and you don't want to deal with that. My friend has a 660 ti and can run a 3 monitor setup, just not game on more than one. Honestly you shouldn't need to game on more than one anyway.
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