after changing graphic card pc stuck at intel logo screen

My old card gtx 460 has problem so i replace it with HIS amd radeon HD 7790. But after installing graphic card. Pc stuck at intel logo and if i press any key only beep sound coming..
After installing old card it works ...please help me urgent i have tryied bios update, cmos reset. All

Ram: 8 gb 4 gb + 4 gb
Smps: 500watt vip
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  1. Make a BIOS reset to default. If you are unable in doing via software turn OFF the computer (pull the plug) and you have to take out the little battery (circle battery) in the motherboard, take it off and wait 1 min then put it back in. There might also a jumper to make a motherboard reset, look for it in your motherboard manual, after that turn system back ON and see how it goes.
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