Acer aspire 5750Hard drive failed. Can't find recovery discs!

I am working on my in-laws' acer aspire 5750 with a failed hard drive and no recovery discs. I have a replacement hard disk which I've already installed but I need help finding the recovery disc set for the laptop to fix it. This laptop came with Windows 7 Home Premium.
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  1. Unfortunately, you would need to contact Acer. Nobody can provide you a recovery CD here, only Acer can.
  2. Thats not very helpful. I'm not about to spend money on that. All I need is for someone with a similar laptop to create the recovery discs for me.
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    Is the Product key on the sticker still readable ?? -- IF it is you just need to download an OEM version of Windows 7 Home Premium and install from it -- when you install it might auto activate (since the MOBO is an OEM product it sometimes will auto activate without the need to enter the product key since the OEM's have company specific info written into the MOBO BIOS to activate but sometimes it will not activate properly in which case you need the Key on the sticker placed on the laptop and will need to use the phone activation (you call and enter the product key when asked and the automated computer will give you a response code to enter that should activate the install (or it will have you talk to a rep who will help you activate the install - just explain th HDD died and you are reinstalling and answer the questions they ask and there should not be any problem since it is an OEM product (they may ask for the serial # and make and model of the system etc. to verify)

    To download a copy of the iso go to DIGITAL RIVER ( Link to the download can be found HERE -- ) so you do not need to use MS UPDATE to download and install it afterwards !! which is MS's official source for digital downloads and find the iso that you have the key for (ie. Windows 7 Home Premium either 32 or 64 bit) and download it - burn a bootable DVD from it and use it to start the install. (NOTE : YOU WILL PROBABLY WANT THE ISO THAT HAS SP1 INCLUDED which is the second set of links a bit further down the linked page )
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