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I just ordered the MSI GD65 Z87 motherboard and I wanted to know if I can use my DDR3 1333mhz ram? The board supports lots of different DDR3 but it doesn't say anything about 1333mhz
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  1. If it 1.5v to 1.65v ram it shOuld work. The issue right now is it a new product it takes a little while for vendor to re qal old parts. If your dimm were on the z77 version of the same mb there should be no issue.
  2. If you use the 1333MHz, you need OC the RAM but not all the RAM can OC.

    Buy the RAM at least has the 1600MHz speed.
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    You can use your current sticks without any problems. In case those sticks need voltage over 1.6, you'll have to adjust it manually from the motherboard's BIOS.
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